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Monday, 27 May 2019

Quitting my job & Leaving home | Vanlife

People undoubtedly thought I was a little crazy when I surprised them with my passion of Travel and desire to just leave everything behind and live in a van but here I am living minimally, freely and with no rules that daily life brings. The simple life chose me and I chose a little yellow van who we happily named 'Sunny' after slowly self converting him while working alongside he became our home to take us places we could have only imagined.

Leaving home and my normal routine was a little shock to my system that I almost felt I needed for my own self growth. It was something I'd always desired but never suggested as I thought it was something I couldn't do, self- doubt of not being able to afford the trip was one and the other was what everyone else would think of my choice.
I've always worked in fact I actually work two jobs and did so for the past year and a half which became difficult to keep in touch with old friends, loved ones and stay completely shane myself, I constantly worked day and night in hope of achieving my dream goal/job which is currently progressing even now!
The whole reason of wanting to personally live in a van wasn't for the 'Social media' aspect or 'Nomad Life' it was to live freely and simply with the person I love. It was for self growth to learn what you need to be happy is ultimately so little and I knew living in a van would be a test of what you should appreciate more of [A little insight into my current everyday life]  i.e - We unfortunately cannot just wake up in the morning for our breakfast our whole life in the van is a constant 'move' of objects and kneeling/crawling its a very small space but we are lucky it has everything we need. We ideally have a specific laundry day if we can't wash our clothes ourselves which takes approximately 2 hours in a wonderful car park and a day to charge our appliances so I can happily write my blog posts on the road, before we go to bed our rock and roll bed has to be unfolded and made after we've had tea and seriously being a girl in a van is not easy at times trust me. The simple things in life that you don't even think of:
  • Drinking Water 
  • Washing Clothes 
  • Having A Shower
  • Going To The Loo
Are taken away from you when you decide to buy a van like ours but slowly we get by with our own routines each day and are adjusting to a lifestyle that we could have only imagined. It makes us learn languages, ask for help from strangers when you seriously don't want to and learn skills you wouldn't in daily life and has the aspect of travel alongside so for now we are adjusting (hence the lack of posts) into our new lifestyle and you will for sure be hearing from me a little more often now in hope of producing guides while I'm away of all the adventures we are getting up-to!


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