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Monday, 27 May 2019

Porto Travel Guide

We've touched down in Portugal and have had a desire after researching far and wide of things to do in Portugal. Porto was most definitely on our bucket list to visit. As we actually travel with our home on wheels 'Sunny' [Follow @wherewego__ to find out more about our conversion] we can take ourselves anywhere (as long as the roads aren't at a 5% gradient we can manage) so with that being said travelling can become a lot easier at times when we have all of our belongings everywhere we go, especially for someone like me who literally carries the kitchen sink with her.
Porto was most definitely a trip I could never forget, with its breathtaking views from above looking over colourful houses and the sunlight hitting lake windermere its a favourite hidden gem that will soon become an 'Instagramable' spot for all influencers and tourists.

While going barefoot on the cobbled streets through the colourful houses (Which I briefly spoke about earlier) Porto's tourism is very strong which is un-doublty due to the old town. If you visit Porto I'd highly recommend going through every nook and cranny of the streets as you can find some extraordinary places with welcoming communities. You will stumble across very unique spots that can create such amazing memories whether your travelling alone or with your loved ones.

A short walk across the bridge is something I'd highly recommend. I happily did this myself. After this we took the cable cart which cost €6 each. It is a short cable cart I have to say, but the views are just spectacular and it's extremely romantic (If thats your kind of thing, majority of the time I ruin all kind of romance) and very peaceful. If that hasn't sold you and your legs hurt I'd highly recommend to get the cable cart back across!

Before heading to the cable carts we actually explored the back streets of Porto behind the long stretch of restaurants which surprisingly took us to a gem, a place we could have only imagined to eat. While living in a van you can take food for granted so we lived it up in this quirky, sociable, coffee filled cafe.
I ended up ordering a 500ml Sangria [obviously needed it after all of that walking] a healthy lunch which included Toast, Spinach, Egg, Mushroom & Tomatoes along with a Lemon Tart to cleanse the palette.
Michael had a flavoursome brunch which included 3 pancakes with egg, avocado, bacon, chicken and crispy onion alongside with a handmade strawberry smoothie and a caramel apple crumble.
It's surprisingly nice to find places where we can order healthy food at an affordable cost as looking after our mind and bodies while travelling is one of our top priorities.

If you haven't been to Porto or Portugal as a whole I'd highly recommend going for a long stay. This allows you to explore all the wonderful sights and meet some very welcoming people. Don't forget to check out my Instagram for daily updates of where I'm heading next - @hello_jodie


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