Thursday, 23 November 2017

All your money issues solved | NEW Book Release

I for one like many know what its like not to have much money at the end of each month luckily I have my families support which helps a lot...but I have to say when I've been in positions where I have had a bit of spare cash at the end of the month (which is unlikely) it does lift such a weight off of my shoulders.
You can go out to meals with no worry, start living & doing things and just start saying YES with no hesitation. You start to really feel independent and knowing you don't have to rely on anyone else truly makes you less stressed and lets you lead a much happier life.

Recently I have been putting a lot of my 'small' wage packet away into a savings account which I hope to do something with in the next coming years but just knowing I've got a small amount saved back for 'emergency's' like my car going wrong or a dentist appointment relaxes my mind and stops my anxiety creeping back in. 
Which leads me onto 'Kakeibo' the book that has been teaching me to be strict with what I'm spending and helps me see where some of my money is going... now that we have contactless cards it seems like invisible money but its far from that, you actually end up spending more money because unless you constantly check your bank statements (which is very unlikely) you lose track of what your spending.
This book speaks about 'The Japanese Art Of Saving Money' how the Japanese prefer a more minimal lifestyle, they are able to make do with less in all aspects of life. 
The book is not just a guidance book it has now become part of my life its a budgeting journal used to help me save money and spend more wisely to reach my saving goals. 
My journal allows me to jot down my weekly spending and allows me to reflect on the month that has  just passed by. 
It trains the brain that saving is just a matter of daily living and you start to really learn what you waste your money on and if your goal to save is as important as you once thought.
In 2018 I will reach my money saving goals with Kakeibo alongside me to help reach my dreams and finally make them a reality. I highly recommend this book if you have dreams and also have a spending habit like me! I have so much more to say about this amazing journal and for the price you honestly cannot go wrong.
(The reason I haven't shown pages with my income and spending habits in the photos is I'd prefer to keep that personal for now, I would love to do a review at the end of 2018 to see how far I've come)

Here is a link for more information about Kakeibo, let me know if your going to purchase Fumiko Chiba's book its such a wonderful book to have made for people like me its truly inspiring and I hope we can all reach our hopes and dreams with this journal. 
Kakeibo releases on the 23rd Of November get your one now before it sells out!

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  1. Wow, this book sounds amazing! Money spending can definitely be an issue for me, I'll have to pick this up!

    A xx

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