Wednesday, 26 July 2017

Lovemebeauty Revamped | Spring Vacation!

Can I just mention the beauty bag... It's honestly amazing!!!
Lovemebeauty have a new website, new and exciting brands they are working with and new treats for there customers! As you all know I absolutely love the idea of Lovemebeauty due to the fact you can pick your own items and discover new brands that you've never tried before, you are able to pick what colour nail varnish you want and spend your credits on want you want it's all very personal!

Ecotools have become my number one recommendation since getting the Lovemebeauty bag each month due to how affordable the eco tools brushes and blenders are but also the quality of their products! I honestly cannot wait to do a review on them more in depth!
P.S- The buffer brush in this photo is a winner!!

A spring in your step!

Nails inc have brought out a range of beauty vacation spring colours and I have chosen the light pink, perfect for any skin tone and not to bright for everyday! I'm absolutely in love with it, as all nail varnish obviously chip away unless its a gel formula your going to expect that to happen but other than the normal troubles of using nail varnish it's a fab one to get!

Dragons blood?! Sounds scary right?! I've never heard of these before, until I had them in my beauty bag they sound pretty scary but the real reason I'm so happy to get them is to reduce my puffiness under my eyes!
They help hydrate and moisturise your eye area and make the under eyes appear brighter!
Keep a look out for my Instagram post about the Dragon Blood Eye Mask and my PINK Nails!

If you get a Lovemeabeauty bag before this month ends you will receive a FREE Eco Tools Perfecting Blender Duo (worth £9.99 in boots) alongside all of your other goodies that catch your eye! Also head to my Instagram @hello_jodie for more money off!


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