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Monday, 10 September 2018

Smile Because You Want To | Hello Jodie

Smiling is usually something we do when were feeling somewhat positive and are happy with everything going on with our lives whether its a moment of happiness with a loved one where you forget everything going on around you or a dog that has made you smile for a couple seconds its a rare occasion that you won't have a glimpse of happiness throughout the day. A laugh is infectious when one starts laughing others do too, its somewhat quite a gift to make people smile and laugh on the daily (god knows how comedians do it, it honestly blows my mind) but what I'm trying to say here is wear your smile with pride whether you hate your teeth or have had a horrific day and smiling/laughing sounds like the last thing that you'd want to do as a smile could make someone else's day a little bit brighter, fuller and more content.

The photo on the left is my before teeth which are quite white anyway (people always used to think I whitened my teeth but I haven't until up-to now) And the right picture is the result/after photo of using HiSmile for a week and a half every other day! 
*This is also taken on my front camera using selfie mode hence the pixilation.

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