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Monday, 19 November 2018

My Skincare Low-Down | HelloJodie

I thought that I'd start answering some of your questions that I get through Instagram about my Skincare routine and what I use.
I have spoke about this before (a little while ago now) but I have fallen back in love with a brand that I used as a teenager and one that I trained in for many years. Skincare is very important to me, I feel like your makeup will never look good if you don't have a fabulous base to work with.
So...That is why I am here typing away on my keyboard letting you know the low-down of my skincare routine.
A bit of background -
I have used/still love the ultra bland cleanser from Lush, In fact it is still one of my favourite cleaners that I have used its very affordable and works for my skin. Before this I used cheaper products from the high-street due to not being able to afford higher end brands or products that only have goodness in them and ones that are not chemically based. Over the years I studied Beauty Therapy in college and am trained in multiple brands one of which is Dermalogica so its safe to say I know a lot about the skin inside and out & also Dermalogica as a brand. I have Oily/Combination skin and have done for the majority of my life, its lovely having oily skin because hopefully I will age better when I'm older but my god it is so bloody frustrating trying to get makeup/products to stay on your skin all day as no matter how much primer or setting spray you put on the oil will make it budge for sure! So there is a little background knowledge of my skin struggles and all of that jazz but for now I am going to show you guys what I am currently using and hope that you get a little more insight into my daily routine.

Step One -
This is actually a new product that I never knew about while training in college so receiving this product was definitely exciting to say the least. It is the 'Pre-Cleanse' cleanser from there range it is very much an oil based product which easily removes your makeup without any wipes or struggle along the way. I have found that the oil breaks down the makeup allowing it to be removed with no water, it really helps removing all of the excess debris and really gets the pores oven ready for a deep cleanse after.

Step Two -
After wiping the 'Pre-Cleanse' off with a warm damp cloth I would normally go straight in with the 'Special Cleansing Gel' which is a gel consistency and when you add water to it, it turns into a foam. Apply this to your skin in a circular motion to really get into all of those congested areas to deeply cleanse the skin ready for the next step. I usually cleanse once with this but it can be done twice if you feel necessary.

Step Three - 
An exfoliator for me is a must in my routine it helps so much considering I am an oily/combination skin type which means I get dry areas on my skin and its usually in the same places. The exfoliator that I am currently using for everyday use or every other day is the 'Daily Microfoliant' which is a less abrasive powder formed daily exfoliant, this means that it is light on the skin and only removes dead skin cells on the surface which is perfect for myself and keeps my skin looking fresh.

Step Four - 
Moisturising is most definitely one of my favourite parts of my skincare routine as it brings my skin back to life leaving it looking and feeling hydrated and more alive than it did before. As I've previously said I love a thick moisturiser even though I shouldn't have a cream to thick due to being so  oily but my god I just love how my skin feels after applying it. Which leads me onto the most amazing cream that I have tried to this date (Genuinely no exaggeration) 'Skin Soothing Cream' not only smells amazing but makes my skin feel so incredible and perfectly prepped for makeup to be applied on top.

*I have no obligation to post about Dermalogica Products, I have been gifted these products and wanted to give an honest review from using it for the past 2 months. The links I have provided are affiliate links.


Wednesday, 17 October 2018

Have you had a hair disaster in your life time? | HelloJodie

Let me tell you... I have had one hell of a hair journey in my short life time and in the past 7-8 years my god it has been a rocky road.
As you can all probably relate we have all had disaster hair cuts, taken a photo of someones hair we admire and come out of the hairdressers looking like the complete opposite to what you have shown and I'm sure we've all got to the point of just general lack of no motivation to look after ourselves which is my biggest downfall. 
Only the past couple of years have I started caring for my hair once again after having long hair for years at the age of about 7 I decided to cut my luscious locks off to look like Kylie Minogue which (I didn't look anything like) but... I can imagine you get the gist of what I'm trying to say here (That was a regret and always has been until now!)
I've decided to embarrass the short hair look and take it into my own hands to search for the ONE hairdresser to bring my hair back to life while having help from products at home which is where I'm leading to now.
The one product that has been helping me and a product that has easily slipped into my routine alongside L'oreal Botanicals range is the Grow Gorgeous Thickening Hair & Scalp mask which helps with overall thickness of the hair, it has deeply hydrating ingredients like coconut oil and Hyaluronic acid which helps intensely nourish the scalp.

Directions of use - 
Apply after washing hair (I am currently using the Grow Gorgeous Density Shampoo and Conditioner alongside the mask) while hair is damp apply the mask and keep on for 10 minutes, massage into the scalp and wrap in towel. After the 10 minutes has passed rinse throughly removing all of the mask from your hair and blow-dry for best results! 
*I have created a video which is featured on my Instagram showing exactly these steps, please take a look - @hello_jodie 

I have attached some interesting blogs that you may want to read which throughly go in-depth about Grow Gorgeous products and answer questions like ' Is Caffeine good for hair?' 
Grow Gorgeous - Here


Thursday, 11 October 2018

Dalmatian Trainers - Woden | HelloJodie

Trainers are a big trend this year in everyones AW 18 colour palette and I thought I'd jump on the fashion bandwagon with adding stylish sneakers into my wardrobe from Woden a Scandinavian eco-friendly facing brand that creates trainers that are not only extremely comfortable and light but sneakers that are very fashion forward in this industry which is so overly saturated.
Woden took there time to message me and ask to be a brand ambassador for them which I am extremely proud to represent a brand that is inspired by nature, uses sustainable products for the planet and thinks fashion forward which is why I wanted to create this blog post to not only explain a little more about Woden, what they represent and how the quality of there products is truly shown through the price of the shoe.

Fun facts about Woden - 
 All Woden's sneakers are made with an average of 10% recycled RUBBER.
* Woden use organic materials as CORK and FULL GRAIN LEATHER as a replacement for synthetic materials.
* Woden have incorporated FISH LEATHER, that comes from the North Sea fish industry.
The Autumn grey trainers that I will be featuring in another blog post were made out of Fish Leather...sounds awful when saying it but in reality its more sustainable for the planet and clearly inspire by nature! and I promise that the shoes didn't smell, haha!
The trainers that I am wearing in the current photo's below are the Ydun || Pony Dalmatian trainers which have a cork sole and are incredibly comfortable to wear on a daily basis the trainers almost have an un-natural feel to the outer material of the trainer its almost a rough texture to touch  which makes it so very un-usual but also so much more interesting & much better quality.

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